New Year Resolutions – Austin

As I review the year, and look out into 2016, I am reminded by Maya to keep focus. Maya is my first born, neurotic blue heeler and border collie terror of a dog. She has one goal in life, get the ball, stick or frisbee as fast as possible and bring it back to whoever threw it. Over […]

Embarking on a New Adventure.

[vc_row center_row=”yes”][vc_column][vc_column_text] Well this is an exciting time for my family.  Our Texas roots have been calling us back home, at least for the winter that is.  This week we will begin our transition to Texas for the Winter months and Colorado for the beautiful summers! We have been in Colorado Springs for eleven years […]

CoPilot + Springs Hosting

[vc_row center_row=”yes”][vc_column][vc_column_text]We are please to announce a new partnership with a local hosting company Springs Hosting! We’re always searching to find the best possible solutions for our clients in branding, design and web development. We spent the better part of this year looking for the right hosting company to take over website hosting for our […]

CoPilot Creative is looking for an Air Traffic Controller to join our team!

[vc_row center_row=”yes”][vc_column][vc_column_text] Here’s the deal. We’ve been running a great operation for the last few years without a flight control tower, but our hangar is filling up with some great Pilots. We’re looking for someone to help organize inbound and outbound flights, avoiding dangerous weather patterns and rerouting pilots when necessary. Air Traffic controllers are […]

2013 in Review

Ok, we have to brag a bit. January always brings a time of reflection of the past year. In 2013, Tommy and I had an amazing year. We welcomed 2 new beautiful kiddos into this world (3 days apart), Launched our first ever CoPilot project the Incline App, and positioned CoPilot to do some great […]

CoPilot Launches Manitou Springs Incline App

Available NOW for download! We are already tracking times! The Incline App is basically a way to track your time, rank against others, follow friends, and get rewards for participating. The App is completely free to use, once you complete the incline you instantly get ranked, see your friends times, and are sent rewards via […]

Wild Fire Tees

We’ve been busy this last month, with a new Non-Profit called Wild Fire Tees! We felt compelled to help with the tragedy that struck our village on June 26th. The idea came from a need to do something bigger than writing a personal check. Sure we could have donated some time to help out a […]

Congrats to Ellicott Wildlife Refuge!

Congratulations to Ellicott Wildlife Refuge for winning the Propel Forward Award! As part of the Indy Give! CoPilot hand selected 8 organizations that are eligible to receive $3,500 in marketing services. Whether it’s a new Website, Social Media Training, Print Marketing, or just come and hang out with us for 35 hours! We announced the […]

Announcing a new client!

We are super excited to start work with Texas A&M University Mays Business School. We’ll be developing a series of ads promoting the business school who was rated the Best Value for the Money, Financial Times (2011). This will make my Grandmother so proud! I’ve been on her “B” list ever since I declined my […]

Way to go Colorado Springs!

With checks still coming in Indy Give! obliterated their goal of $555,555. Thanks to a great community to support 49 local non profits. Here is what Indy Give! has to say about it. “With the DEEPEST gratitude we thank our wonderful community for your over $515K in donations! On Tuesday we’ll begin applying any checks […]