Available NOW for download! We are already tracking times!

The Incline App is basically a way to track your time, rank against others, follow friends, and get rewards for participating. The App is completely free to use, once you complete the incline you instantly get ranked, see your friends times, and are sent rewards via email from supporting businesses. We’ve geo located the top and bottom of the incline to keep people honest, meaning you can’t start or stop unless you are ACTUALLY at the bottom or the top.

With the incline becoming legal on February 1st, CoPilot set out to create a tool that Incline enthusiasts could use to track their times and share with the world. “No B.S.-ing,” said CoPilot co-owner Tommy Eisenbeis. “The GPS coordinates track you at the bottom and you can’t hit stop until you get to the top — that way, it keeps it fair.”

Currently, CoPilot has 6 businesses lined up to support the project. For instance, Rocky Mountain Equipment Recyclers will be giving away a $5.00 coupon, StageCoach Inn will be giving away a FREE beer, and The Loop will be giving away discounted margaritas when a user hikes the incline.
You can signup for a free account at InclineApp.com or download the app for iPhone through the App Store.