We’ve been busy this last month, with a new Non-Profit called Wild Fire Tees! We felt compelled to help with the tragedy that struck our village on June 26th. The idea came from a need to do something bigger than writing a personal check. Sure we could have donated some time to help out a neighbor or help deliver food to 30,000 evacuees, but we wanted to do something big.
With the help of some really awesome folks (Fixer Creative, Magneti, Design Rangers, Last Leaf printing, Jeremy Grant, and Joshua Steinfeld) we set out to with a goal of selling 200 t-shirts and donating up to $1,500 to wild fire relief.
We developed a logo, 8 t-shirts, and a website in 24 hours to donate ALL proceeds to American Red Cross and Care and Share. Within minutes we knew we had something big.
In the first 48 hours we had exceeded $200,000 in sales. To date we are well over $550,000 in sales and have written a check for $132,000 to Red Cross and Care and Share.
Thanks to everyone that has made this project so BIG and so FUN! And thanks to you for your support in our efforts.

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