As I review the year, and look out into 2016, I am reminded by Maya to keep focus. Maya is my first born, neurotic blue heeler and border collie terror of a dog. She has one goal in life, get the ball, stick or frisbee as fast as possible and bring it back to whoever threw it. Over and over and over again. Her dedication to this task is unbelievable. Her focus is spot on. Her laser focused eyes say it all and nothing can stand in her way as she hurdles, swims, or plows through my kids to complete her task.

It’s inspiring to see her love something so intently. This love can be applied to lots of things in my personal life and CoPilot. Doing work we love, sharing stories we love and adventuring with people we love. Last year I made some key steps to get closer to the things we love and this year will be even closer.

Maya is a constant reminder to love what you do in this world, create value and beautiful things, keep focus and retrieve what you want in life. Find your stick and go fetch it.

Cheers to 2016! ~Austin