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Canine Classmates is a Non Profit in New Braunfels, TX that encourages and improves literacy and socialization skills for struggling and at-risk pre-K through 5th grade students through pairing mentors and trained service dogs in a one-on-one program that is positive, nurturing and motivational. In short, they bring dogs to school and the kids get to read to them. Dogs do not judge and the kids feel confident in their reading skills. It’s a win/win.

Our Approach

Through our process, we discovered that the current brand was not taken seriously by some of their grant participants. There is demand in the schools, but not enough funding to bring in dogs and handlers into every school. Our primary goal was to create a unified image and message that would help Canine Classmates win some upcoming grants they were applying for. The approach taken was twofold. Create a clean/professional look for grant writing purposes, but also to make a fun brand that the kids would connect to.

Design Exploration

Through the design process, we honed in on specific classroom and dog like icons. This represented the “who” and “what” Canine Classmates is all about. The dog symbol represents the New Foundland bread which they primarily use in the classrooms.  The glasses gave it an educational feel and a level of sophistication.

Design Implementation

Badges, shirts, bookmarks…. you name it. We applied a color and design that supported the chosen identity. Then wrapped it all up in some assets that the client could use. Grant templates, presentations, apparel, stickers, ads and so on.

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