Mission: Welcome Packet

We are CoPilot

Company background and relevant experience.

We are a team of creatives and unique thinkers ready to make great things for brands that do great things. We specialize in brand design and brand systems by translating a brand’s story to it’s communication materials. Since 1975 we’ve helped organizations tell their stories with clever marketing and award winning design. 

Key personnel who will be involved in the project.

Austin Buck – Owner, Designer

No he’s not from Austin. Over the last 10 years, Austin has led CoPilot to award winning creative in all types of media. Identity, print, web, photography + video. You’ve seen his work in Sports Illustrated, over seas, and on highway 24.

He has a passion for vitamin D, cycling and craft beer. 

Specific Case Studies

USA Cycling – Donor book
TBarM – Donation book
EduKit – Brand system
Fusesport – Die cut folder system

Project Approach and Methodology

Detailed description of the approach and methodology to be used.

Project timeline with key milestones and deliverables.

August Mid/Late
Kickstart project meeting

September 9
Share 2 general concepts and plan for execution
Gather resources (images, copy, etc)
Gather print estimates based on chosen concept

October 9
1st proof of printed materials in PDF format
1st proof of any digital materials

November 15
Send final files to printer for production
Deliver by January 1, 2025

Quality assurance and testing procedures.

All projects are reviewed and checked in house before submitting to client for review. Ultimately approvals come from the client to print. CoPilot will press check the production of the materials as needed. Client is welcome to join in this phase of the project.

Design and Content Development

Concepts for the visual design and layout of the welcome packet.

Concept to be determined but likely a folder like piece with multiple inserts for each service/information. Baseline information will live on the parent piece while specific services will be modular inserts. We propose some items to live digitally (Welcome message video and possibly tech videos for FAQs)

Sample content and proposed structure.

TBD based on conversations about the outcomes and goals of the project.

See general content framework below.

Customization options for different customer segments.

Create a modular brand system to easily communicate different services. This will allow customers to decipher content quickly and easily.

Production and Delivery

Printing and production details, including materials / tactics to be used.

Likely quoted and printed in San Antonio with two different vendors. Quality papers and coatings to be used to ensure durability and uniqueness in quality. CoPilot to press check to ensure printing goes smoothly and colors are accurate.

Packaging and delivery logistics.

Packages to be delivered by printer in separate boxes to GVTC’s preferred location.

Estimated timeline for completion.

From experience this typically takes 4-6 weeks to produce. Custom dies, testing papers, proofing, printing and delivery.

Budget and Pricing

Itemized breakdown of all costs associated with the project.

Strategy: Kickstart meeting to review project scope. Printed items vs digital.

Prototype Design: Design prototype to review with GVTC and gather feedback.

Design of materials including design revisions

Video Production

Print Production
Production of materials – 5,400 total printed

Any additional costs or optional services.

Copywriting services if needed will be worked into the budget.

Video production estimated and we will determine final budget based on needs.

Photography – TBD, not estimated but could be worked into budget

Budget for design, content creation, production, and delivery.

Kickstart project meeting. Create general format and concept for print estimates to make sure we are in budget. Determine digital needs and estimate costs.


Design of package and inserts needed for print and digital. Includes revisions within budget. Additional revisions billed hourly. 

1 parent package ($5,000), 8 inserts ($2,500 per)

Areas to include:

  • Welcome – Personalized greeting and thank you message, underscoring the value of the customer’s choice and introducing them to the packet contents
  • Account / Billing Information – Explanation of billing cycles, payment options, and how to read the bill.
  • Include contact information for billing inquiries and how to manage their account online and on the apps
  • Service Overviews – Detailed descriptions of each service the customer is subscribed to, including benefits and features. Services include TV, Internet, Security, Phone.
  • Support / Contact information
  • General FAQs and Troubleshooting Tips
  • Promo offers / Referral Programs
  • Feedback and Survey options
  • Social Media Promotion
  • The GVTC Foundation information


Video Production
Welcome message via QR code with fun CTA
General Setup instructions – technical video


Print Production
Print and deliver 5,400 units




Branding + Design since 1975

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