As part of the Indy Give! CoPilot hand selected 8 organizations that are eligible to receive $3,500 in marketing services. Whether it’s a new Website, Social Media Training, Print Marketing, or just come and hang out with us for 35 hours! To make it more of a community event, starting today you can vote for your favorite Non-Profit for the Propel Forward award through FaceBook.
This year we’ve added some really cool prizes to help incentivise voting. Each vote will be entered to win some cool Swagg from CoPilot including hand printed and pulled T-shirts and posters.
We are proud of our community and this is our way of giving back each year!

Last year’s winner was Children’s Literacy Center. We met with the team a found that not only did they need a facelift on the site, but they needed a few other key items. Most users do one of three things when they come to the site, so we made a very simple interface for the user to discern where to go quickly and easily. CLC also needed help with online applications for Volunteers, Background Checks, and Student Enrollment. By creating all of these forms online and sorting the data in a searchable and downloadable format, they are able to save tons of staffing time and freed up more time to focus on the import projects. CLC was a great success, we can’t wait to get our hands on another NP next year, but we need your vote!