Limited Edition New Braunfels Texas 175 Year Anniversary Hand Silkscreened Poster

175 years of New Braunfels deserves a celebratory poster filled with the history, beauty, and culture of New Braunfels! Ships Free. For every poster that is purchased $5 will be donated to the Downtown Association in order to promote downtown as the center of a vibrant economy, and preserve our cultural heritage. These posters are hand-silkscreened, which is an intensive process, and one that doesn’t always produce absolute perfection. But that’s the beauty of it! So enjoy the simple imperfections to your poster, because it only shows the hard work that was put into it and the authenticity and genuine nature of New Braunfels itself. Each print is signed and numbered by Marina Nolan of CoPilot Creative. Prost!

Size: 18×24″ (fits as standard frame size)


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277 West San Antonio Street

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