These days everyone is starting to become more familiar with social media and the processes to do it effectively. There are a few other thing to consider as you become comfortable with posting content. You should keep in mind a consistent visual identity across all of your marketing touch points. We are talking about visual consistency, it could be your business logo displayed in search, or fans engaging on your profile page while seeing a consistent brand from network to network.
Here are a few things to keep in mind when managing your business’s brand through social media.
Above all, be consistent between all of your accounts visually!
You most likely have a business identity, it consists of a logo, business card, and stationary. Use elements from your identity as you extend into social media. Always use your logo. Use your business colors with your business profile images and Twitter background. If you use professional photos on LinkedIn, use them on Facebook as well. When you start there, people can easily identify your brand across multiple networks.
Some might want you to believe otherwise, but not all marketing takes place through social media. Make sure your printed materials have your social media addresses as well. It is like 10-12 years ago when everyone started putting email addresses and website addresses on their branding.
Use your Facebook profile image and Twitter background as a business card, include your other web addresses, physical address, and phone number. If you have a twitter account, include it on your Facebook graphic and vice versa for your twitter background.
Use iframe applications to give your fans a more defined picture of your products and services without having to leave Facebook. Keep application pages consistent with your current web branding. Through iframe applications you can create or have created pages that your fans can navigate through and have a mini website available on Facebook.
This article is to serve as a broad overview, if you would like to share your thoughts or have questions please contact us. You can shoot us an email, or give us a call. We would love to help your business achieve success.